Graphic Designer Holiday Gift Wish List

December 6, 2016 | by Katie Baird

Since the season of giving is upon us, I thought it would be fun to do a round-up of some of my favorite design-related holiday gift ideas. These picks are perfect for that special graphic designer in your life.

(And Santa, if you’re reading this, here are some great hints of what to drop down the BatesMeron chimney! We’ve been very good this year, we swear!)


CMYK Wood Bead Necklace, $24.99 

Tell the world you are serious about graphics with this simple and modern necklace. This is a handmade item so you get the added bonus of supporting an independent artist with your giving!

awesome-1 Awesome Poster by Jessica Hische, $120 

Jessica Hische’s web store is a treasure trove of perfect gifts for designers but this one is a favorite. One beautiful word says it all. Available in gold foil or holographic foil. Both please!

numbersHasami Ceramic Numbers $59 

Whether you use them as vases or hang them on the wall, these stunning numerals will bring a smile to any designer’s face.


Lorem Ipsum Scarf $44 

This pashmina is artfully printed with everyone’s favorite dummy text. Another awesome Etsy find!


Black Hex Code Tie $45 

Bring the classic black-tie look to a whole new level.


See Concept Screen D Glasses $65 

These glasses make screen related eye-fatigue a thing of the past! They filter out 40% of the potentially harmful blue light emitted by LED screens.

browser-sketch-book-tall2Browser Sketch Pad $14 

Perfect for sketching out UI and website ideas! A must-have for any designer or developer.


Keyboard Decals $20  

Dress up your Mac keyboard with these fun and pretty decals. I know my well-worn keys could use a little spiffing up.


David David Stick Umbrella $120 

These bold graphical umbrellas will delight any art fan and bring bold color to even the dreariest days


Futura Backback $45

Classic style backback paying homage to a classic typeface.

Whether you’re shopping for a design diehard or the casual appreciator, we hope these ideas spruce up their holiday season. Do you have favorite gifts for the designer in us all? Drop us a note in the comments section or on our Facebook page.

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