BatesMeron Ranks as a Global Leader in Clutch 2017 List

January 2, 2018 | by Becka Bates

Clutch Global Leaders 2017


It wasn’t easy, but we hung on to this news for a little while so we can start 2018 off on the right foot. It’s with tremendous honor that we’re able to announce that we’ve been named as a top creative agency in Clutch’s annual rankings for the second year running.

This year, Clutch built on its yearly list with their first-ever Global Leaders List, where we were named as one of the top 15 agencies worldwide in the categories of direct marketing, where we ranked fourth, and branding, where we ranked twelfth. In each category, our ranking was decided through a mix of quantitative and qualitative considerations that include our market presence and reviews from our clients.


Clutch Branding Ranking

Branding Leaders Matrix. BatesMeron is circled in red.

Clutch Direct Marketing Ranking

Direct Marketing Leaders Matrix. BatesMeron is circled in red.


Clutch compiles these rankings to provide a platform for businesses to make more informed decisions about B2B service providers, including those in marketing, advertising and branding.

“With the buzz around marketing shifting toward the digital arena, the impact of great creative and strategic traditional marketing can be overlooked,” Clutch’s Advertising and Marketing Research Lead Kimmie Champlin said in their Global Leaders press release. “These firms have adapted their practices, providing strong results and excellent customer service in both the traditional and digital contexts.”

You could say that our inclusion in this year’s results came as a delightful gift to kick off the holiday season, putting a big ol’ red bow on all the work that we’ve put our hearts and creative spirits into these past 12 months. Knowing that our rankings are what they are in large part thanks to client reviews and interviews conducted, analyzed and aggregated by Clutch makes the news that much more profound and personal.

The gratitude we have for our clients and the kind words they shared with Clutch is immeasurable. We can’t wait to dive into helping make 2018 an even bigger and better.

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