Fourth of July Roundup

July 7, 2015 | by BatesMeron

Happy 239th birthday, America!

In honor of more than two centuries of independence, the team at BatesMeron celebrated sweet freedom in all her glory. Here is a brief, work-appropriate recap of what our holiday weekend looked like. Enjoy!


“This past weekend I celebrated our nation’s birthday on my parents’ farm in the rural hills of northern Missouri. To start, my mom and I spent some quality, karaoke-filled time driving to Kansas City to pick up my uncle who’d flown in from Alaska to visit. We also ran our hometown’s Firecracker 5k, bought some fresh goods at the farmer’s market and watched the parade together. Other than that, there was a good amount of drinks on the porch while watching the sunset, spending some time with my grandma (98 and going strong!) and trying out my dad’s newest farm vehicle.” – Jordan Worcester

The Alaskan uncle

Jordan and Momma W.

Jordan and Momma W.


“For the 4th, Kenny, Sukhi and I went to check out the 606 where we enjoyed the lovely weather and cool views. If you haven’t taken a trip to the new 606 elevated trail, you must!” – Becka Bates

View on the 606

2015-07-06 11.10.42


“My boyfriend and I took a trip to the north suburbs for the day. We first explored the Baha’i Temple in Wilmette, then we walked around downtown Evanston, got some tasty pizza, and then we watched fireworks by the lake. It was a great day and the gorgeous weather made it even better!” – Carlie Miller

Carlie at the Baha'i Temple

Carlie at the Baha’i Temple


“For my holiday weekend, I celebrated by posting some good, patriotic love onto social media, calling my parents (both military veterans), and otherwise doing a whole lot of NOTHING! ‘Nothing’ included a major binge of Netflix, YouYube and Twitch, as well as eating terribly unhealthily.” – Chuck Sanchez


“I spent part of my Independence Day at the brand new Bass Pro Shop at the Pyramid in Memphis, TN. Not being a hunting/fishing/outdoorsman type, I was just curious what became of this one time museum in Memphis. That’s right, a museum is now an outdoor themed store. Besides people watching (which was top-notch), I took in the history of duck calls, held guns and crossbows, found a great floating cooler (for sodas), discovered everything does come in camouflage (even furniture), almost purchased a stuffed animal version of a taxidermied deer head, learned how to dehydrate almost anything that ever walked or swam and sat in way too many boats. With my purchase of my $3.99 neon great hunting ball cap, I surely took in a slice of America.” – Fred Schaaf

Fred's action-packed Memphis adventure


“An overall delightful weekend, I was not only active but productive. (I went grocery shopping for the first time in weeks.) Other activities included dinner with friends, rooftop writing sessions, bleacher seats at the Cub’s game—complete with a front row view of spectacular fireworks—and lots of dancing. Weekend well spent.” – Nina Altadonna

Creative brainstorm above the city

Creative brainstorm above the city

What's more American than baseball?

What’s more American than baseball?


“I spent my holiday weekend on a boat in Okoboji, Iowa. I ate cheese curds, line danced, marveled at vast cornfields and observed men in cowboy hats. To honor our great nation, I wore a perfectly patriotic shirt for much of the weekend.” – Melissa Leonard

Melissa’s howlin’-good apparel


“To celebrate 4th of July this year, I made the trek up to the northern suburbs for some R&R with family. Nerdy beer, being generally awful at corn hole and some pretty great fireworks made the weekend so patriotic, it would’ve made Uncle Sam cry sweet freedom-tears.” – Taylor Wells

A drink for Jon Snow

A drink for Jon Snow


“I played golf and soccer to start the weekend off. Then we had some friends over Saturday for a BBQ and let the dogs run around and play, Darcy finally got tuckered out and crashed in the ivy. Sunday went to the Lincoln Park viewing of the world cup and watched the women’s national team bring home the championship for the 3rd time. All in all it was a relaxing weekend filled with sun and fun.” – Todd Pierce

Darcy Pierhaus straight chillin'

Darcy Pierhaus straight chillin’

Cheering on the USA's women's soccer team to victory

Cheering on the U.S. women’s soccer team to a much-deserved victory


“I spent the July Fourth weekend with my band mates doing writing sessions up at Lake Holiday in Somaonauk, IL. Outside of music, I drank in and out of moderation and ate veggie dogs recklessly until I disappeared into a hot tub comatose. Freedom.” – Sam Porter

Hot tub holiday

Hot tub holiday



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