Font Fallbacks?

September 8, 2015 | by BatesMeron

Jordan Font Fallbacks? 9.15-01


Ever find yourself caught in a font rut? Maybe you have a favorite serif or a fallback slab that tend to repeat throughout your portfolio of work. This could be a sort of comfort zone or perhaps you choose these typefaces time and time again subconsciously. As designers, we all develop personal styles, but it’s always good to keep an open eye and evolve our work to avoid becoming dependent on our go-to tricks.


As professionals, we need to be able to break away from our own personal preferences and adjust our signature style to deliver solutions that meet our clients’ needs. The key, however, is doing so in a way that still upholds the principles of design and adds another facet to the body of our work.


So how do we break free from our own norms? Maybe start with adjusting our awareness. Form, weight, contrast, setting, etc.—we become immune to these elements from time to time. Advertising bombards our view every day, making it easy to glaze over the details. Let’s stop and hit refresh. Let’s slow down and take the time to dissect the successful elements in what surrounds us.


Start a library of typographic inspiration. Make an effort to include new resources outside of your daily routine. Try interpreting your initial reactions to fonts that wouldn’t normally appeal to you. Try unexpected combinations to create something new.


We’d like to share some of BatesMeron’s favorite inspirational resources.

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