Customer Experience is Your Biggest Brand Differentiator

May 21, 2019 | by Amy Clardy

The market is full of great products, so how can you compete with another company when you both have outstanding offerings? It’s all about the Customer Experience (CX) you deliver.

In today’s world, CX has become the competitive battlefield, and companies are in search of innovative ways of providing top-notch experiences that will help them to emerge victorious.

Customer Experience is going to be your biggest brand differentiator. It’s not going to be a product. It’s not going to be the price. It’s going to be about if they had a great experience with your brand at every touchpoint along their customer journey. These brand touchpoints are practically the make-or-break of your business, so they have to be well planned and structured in order to wow your customers and keep them coming back for more. When used effectively, they can enrich your brand and ignite your marketing strategy, allowing your business to soar.

So how can you create and deliver the very best brand experience for your customers? How can you build and sustain killer touchpoints for new and existing clients?

Here are 4 key things to focus on.


1. Identify your touchpoints and evaluate how to improve them

Remember: your brand’s touchpoints are any form of interaction that your brand has with its customers. It may be as small as a post on Instagram to something as big as your website. No matter the shape or form, all touchpoints need to a) clearly represent your brand, b) stand out to your customers and c) motivate your customers to action.

Once you have identified your brand’s touchpoints, ask yourself the following:

  • What is my first impression when I come across each touchpoint?
  • Do they fit my brand’s identity?
  • Do they stand out from my competitor’s touchpoints?
  • Will it attract new customers?
  • Will it move my existing customers to act?


2. Make touchpoints user friendly

Whenever a customer comes into contact with your brand, whether it be online, on social media or through their best friend, you want them to have an enjoyable, hassle-free customer experience. You want to make your touchpoints user-friendly. You want to have a simplistic, fast moving, stunning interface with all of your touchpoints so you can attract and entice your customers to keep using your services.

This includes:

  • A simple and beautiful website with easy navigation
  • Short, easy to read content that gets straight to the point
  • Easily recognizable logos and designs
  • And much more

Your image, your design and your brand appearance matters and should represent who you are as a brand.


 3. Stay true to your brand

In order to effectively create and sustain your customer’s journey, you need to stay true to your brand. Your customers have already made a connection with your brand, and they like you because you’re you. Every time you interact with them using your brand touchpoints, you are shaping and reshaping their impression of you. So keep your brand integrity and stay true to your brand and to your customers.


4. Get feedback from your customers

This feedback will fuel your brand and get it moving ahead of your competitors. You’ll be able to better understand your clients and craft more touchpoints with them in mind.

Get them to tell you where you need to improve and what you need to continue doing. By encouraging them to share their impressions and critiques, you build a rich library of end-user testimonials that can be tapped in communications with new clients and analyzed internally to ensure you’re meeting the standards your customers expect. In doing so, you will be able to improve your customers’ overall experience.

The better the customer experience, the more your customers will do business with you. Focus on crafting unforgettable customer experiences by making every touchpoint count—because the success of your brand depends on it!

Take time to reflect on your company—what are the ways your brand touches customers? Are you delivering the best brand customer experience possible? Take stock of all your touchpoints, and if they need help, you know where to find us.

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