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A Time for Reflection   November 30, 2009

Trends come and go in the world of style, and they are…ahem…reflected in the world of design, sometimes to the point of nauseating. A lot of times these trends are driven by technology—as soon as a new ability is made available, it starts popping up in commercials, billboards, print ads and websites. It is perhaps the fault of technology that Continue Reading


The Coolest Letters of the Alphabet (from Q to U)   November 11, 2009

A recent issue of Esquire magazine had a fun writeup in which it ranked the letters of the English alphabet in order of stylishness and popularity: G X T R Z F E O Q S V M C N Y P D A W I L U B H J K Esquire didn’t explain how it arrived at this order, nor did Continue Reading


Microsoft’s (Anti)Viral Secret   October 28, 2009

Of the 250 million Americans who use the internet, around 90% use Microsoft Windows. Of those, the vast majority either have an antivirus program that is out of date or no antivirus at all. (Many computers purchased come with at least 30 days or a year’s worth of the best antivirus subscription, which almost always expires unnoticed.) Yet Microsoft has Continue Reading


Speak Loudly and Carry a Big Blog   October 5, 2009

In times of economic woe, many businesses are tempted to kill the lights to save on electricity. The inherent peril is that if your business operates in the dark, your customers will not see you or, worse yet, forget about you. The advantage then falls squarely on the one business that remains aglow for those who still want and need Continue Reading


Art in the City   October 1, 2009

Fall is when Chicago is at its best: the weather, the way the city looks, and especially the art. No wonder October is Chicago Artists Month. A couple weekends ago Wicker Park hosted over 300 booths of artists/crafters in the annual Renegade Craft Fair. This is one my favorite art fairs in Chicago for a couple of reasons (Yes, I Continue Reading

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Building a Manifesto (part 1 of 6)   September 28, 2009

When we started BatesMeron, we created a Manifesto. Before building our agency, we were trying to define what an agency should be, and to discover whether that voice would set us apart from the masses. After a very long and rambling series of thoughts by me were boiled down into powerful statements by Shachar (what he does best), we knew Continue Reading


The Great Healthcare Debate   September 21, 2009

I know it may be too controversial to discuss here, but there’s a raging national debate that I need to weigh in on: “Healthcare” should be one word, not two. As a copywriter, my job is to write clear and compelling language, and sometimes that conflicts with what’s technically “right”. Adspeak allows for the occasional waiving of grammar and even Continue Reading


Type, casted   September 1, 2009

I once saw a skit called “Font Gang Wars”. In the production, gang members forwent guns in favor of fonts, yelling wicked barbs of Comic Sans! and Lucida Calligraphy! and wielding sharp serifs to wound and maim their adversaries. I do believe I was the only one laughing my ass off. “Yes!” I cried, “That font has been used to Continue Reading


Less Talk, Moore Color   August 27, 2009

Recently Benjamin Moore has been running ads like this for the new “ben” line of paints in magazines like ReadyMade. The ads seem to validate beliefs that John Ruskin promoted in his 1859 essay “The Two Paths“, in which he contended that, “No colour harmony is of high order unless it involves indescribable tints. It is the best possible sign Continue Reading