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Just a Taste…of Adventure   May 15, 2014

A mystery is brewing here at the BatesMeron office. Yes, sketches are being sketched, characters are coming to life, and a kid-friendly adventure is unfolding. We can’t tell you where this adventure will lead, but we can say that it involves fun, thrilling and page-turning action! Shhhh…here’s a sneak peek of what’s going on behind the scenes.

Rachel Skybetter  

The Wonderful World of Words   May 13, 2014

Eating is one of my favorite things to do. I have a Google document where I keep track of restaurants I want to visit, then dutifully check them off as I slowly make my way through it. I’ll try almost anything once, but like most people, I harbor a few food aversions: pickled items, soggy green beans and things that look too Continue Reading


Hermes in the House   May 8, 2014

Just as we were coming down from last week’s Communicator Awards high, we were surprised with a new one—the Hermes Creative Awards has also granted us some serious kudos! Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals administered by the Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals. BatesMeron was one of more than 5,500 entries from across the country Continue Reading

Melissa Muñoz  

Finding Creative Escapes   May 6, 2014

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. – Edward de Bono As a group of writers, designers and just plain crazy-fun individuals we are always hungry for new inspiration, original approaches and all things fantastic or unusual. This is our creative fuel. Some days we find our fuel in an interesting Continue Reading


April Showers Bring May Awards   May 1, 2014

The BatesMeron team is tickled to announce that we’ve won not just one but three 2014 Communicator Awards from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts. The Communicator Awards is one of the largest and most competitive awards programs of its kind that honors the best in advertising, corporate communications, public relations and identity work for print, video, interactive and Continue Reading


Judging Covers: A Designer’s Plight   April 29, 2014

Everyone has heard the adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Some people may even live by this phrase. But for creative people, the task of setting aside face value and looking within to find the true meaning of something can be very difficult. That’s because our job is to create the face value that sparks a user’s interest! For example, if Continue Reading


A Pretty Tough Petunia   April 24, 2014

We recently partnered with breeding company Sakata Seed America to evolve the brand of their all weather petunia, Super-Cal. We worked with the company to create a solution that resulted in a beautifully bold brand that more effectively communicates the features and benefits of this power-punching petunia. We also developed consumer-friendly messaging to enhance the brand for retailers, emphasizing the story of Continue Reading


The Winking Monkey   April 17, 2014

Sometimes we overhear things in the office that we can’t forget. So, we started a growing list of office quotes…and decided to illustrate them. Enjoy.

Fred Schaaf  

A Visit to Spring Trials 2014   April 15, 2014

This year I made a special trip out to California to check out the Northern section of the horticulture industry’s California Spring Trials (CAST). While there I was able to be a part of our client’s celebration of their new plant varieties—and soak up the sunny skies and warm air of the farming towns of Gilroy, Salinas, Santa Cruz and Continue Reading