Dear Santa: The BMSD Holiday Wish List

December 19, 2017 | by Katie Baird

As a team of creatives, we spend all of our time absorbing rad stuff—be it cool designs, cool products or cool inspiration that we can draw from to do awesome work for our clients. Not everything we find gets parlayed into client work though. We gotta save some of that cool stuff for ourselves.

Last year we collected some of the cool things we found into a list of fun gift ideas for the graphic designer in your life. This year, we figured we would do something different and let you all in on what we are wishing for this year—emphasis on wish! There are items both big and small, realistic and just out of reach, but they’re what we’re asking Santa for. Maybe they’ll spark an idea for someone on your list too.

(And if you’re our husbands, wives, parents, siblings or loved ones… Ahem, ahem. Now you have no excuses for showing up to the holiday dinner empty handed.)


LEAH, Account Coordinator

Womens Proto Type Two Snowboard 2017

“I love to snowboard and you can never go wrong with an upgrade in design and quality!”


TODD, Designer

Automatic Watch Winder


“I recently came into possession of my very first adult watch. I call it an adult watch because it is an automatic one with a clasp instead of a buckle. Since it is an automatic watch, it does not include a battery and based off of movement. I don’t wear it every day, so this watch winder helps keep it in motion and charged for when I’m to wear it. Isn’t that cool?”



Secret Hitler board game



“I stay pretty classic with board games—Balderdash is my JAM—but this game caught my eye. It has great reviews, really awesome design AND it teaches you about fascism. The description says, “Secret Hitler is a dramatic game of political intrigue and betrayal set in 1930’s Germany.” Honestly, what more could you want from game night?”



Dabble Gift Certificate



“This year for the holidays, one gift I’m asking for is a gift certificate to Dabble. Dabble offers a TON of different classes and workshops over several categories. I’ve already taken classes with Dabble on candle making, interior design and social dancing, and I would love to take several more in the new year!”



Tiki Modern Book



“A gorgeous coffee table book that explores the cross section of culture that is mid-century modern design and Tiki! Two of my favorite things. It was published by Taschen, the undisputed king of collectible books and written by Sven Kirsten, the world’s biggest kahuna on Tiki culture and its history. Sadly, it’s also out of print so sadly finding it under my pink, mid-century Christmas tree is just a tropical pipe dream.”



A weekend at Hotel San Cristóbal in Todos Santos



“I want to be warm. I want to be in the ocean. It’s designed beautifully. I want. I need.”



Hobbit House and Slippers



“For Christmas, I would really love this hobbit house Katie told me about. I would place it in the lobby of our office and make everyone wear these slippers when they come in. And we’ll all have Elevensies together. This is insane, I am aware.”



Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket



“I’ve had my eye on one of these beautiful blankets for a while now. I love their simple stripe design and retro colors. I think it will look so cozy in my bedroom. Also I will wear it around like a giant wrap and look very effortlessly outdoorsy like these models. So rustic!”

As much as I love picking out gifts for my loved ones, you have to admit, it’s fun to receive too! What are you hoping to find under your tree this year?

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