Becka Bates  

Six Questions for Horacio Acevedo   November 21, 2018
by Becka Bates

Meet Horacio Acevedo, BatesMeron’s newest Senior Designer! A lifelong Chicagoan and urban arts enthusiast, Horacio brings to the table an eye for clean, minimal design and the ability to work across a variety of disciplines to bring our clients’ dreams to life. I interviewed Horacio as part of our 6...[MORE]

Joshua P. Ferguson  

Serious Play: The Importance of Fun in Design   November 18, 2018
by Joshua P. Ferguson

“There is no creative aspect of graphic design more enjoyable or rewarding than the indulgence in play,” said Bradbury Thompson, the famous designer, typographer and art director. In the thrum of any given work day, these are words that can easily fall by the wayside as the demands of projects pile...[MORE]

Horacio Acevedo  

Building a Strong Understanding of Graphic Design through Urban Arts   November 6, 2018
by Horacio Acevedo

As an aspiring graphic designer, I began my education with what I thought would be a great disadvantage. I did not have my first computer until my junior year of college and I had no experience in programs such as Abode Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign. I felt I was behind...[MORE]

Matt Roman  

Design for Better   October 30, 2018
by Matt Roman

As designers, we’ve worked tirelessly to hone a craft we hold near and dear to our hearts—stemming from sleepless nights in the matte room to countless hours staring into blue light rays. So, we often get into a mindset of feeling like we’re owed something for our devotion. Whether that’s...[MORE]

Maggie Curran  

Uber’s Constant Rebranding Won’t Fix Neglected Company Culture   October 23, 2018
by Maggie Curran

I grew up, as I’m sure we all did, reciting a rule that was engrained in my memory from the first time a police officer came to my elementary school for a fundamental safety lesson: never get in a stranger’s car. That’s why it’s incredible that, flash forward to today,...[MORE]

Becka Bates  

Six Questions for Dan Wu   October 5, 2018
by Becka Bates

Get to know the newest intern to join the BatesMeron team, Dan Wu! Dan is joining us as our web development intern, helping to bring our designs to life for clients with her amazing programming skills. I interviewed Dan as part of our 6 Questions feature: a series of one-on-one interviews...[MORE]

Todd Pierce  

Shedding the Weight   October 2, 2018
by Todd Pierce

I’m sure everyone has heard of the weight loss plan, Weight Watchers. But after 55 years, this diet membership brand has decided to shed their values to better align with today’s standards of health. In an attempt to rebrand itself away from your mother’s diet program, Weight Watchers has shifted...[MORE]

Carlie Miller  

8 Inspiring Newsletters to Help Take Back Your Inbox   September 25, 2018
by Carlie Miller

In today’s attention economy where views equal dollars and content is being thrown at us wherever we look, it’s easy for people to be passive consumers—reading newsletters you didn’t subscribe to, watching Instagram ads that don’t pertain to you just because they’re in your feed or listening to that U2...[MORE]

Joshua P. Ferguson  

The Modern Business of Creativity   September 18, 2018
by Joshua P. Ferguson

  Recently, a peer pointed me to an article in the New Statesman, a British current events magazine. The article, entitled “The Death of Don Draper,” posits the demise of the ad industry as we know it. A perennially adored think piece topic—your reading this proves that not even I...[MORE]

Leah Cho  

The Power of Product Placement   September 11, 2018
by Leah Cho

A few weeks ago, Netflix released a romcom that essentially broke the internet (and probably some hearts as well). Although I’d love to deep dive into all of the reasons why I adore the movie To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, it actually birthed another interest that sent me...[MORE]