Dan Wu  

Norman Doors and Affordance Online   February 26, 2019
by Dan Wu

The user is not like me. This sentence is engraved in my brain. When I was in my HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) program at graduate school, one of my professors required us to repeat this sentence loudly three times at both the beginning and the ending of each class. After studying, practicing...[MORE]

Andy Zetek  

Lessons from the Bauhaus 100 Years On   February 20, 2019
by Andy Zetek

In design school, in addition to a practical education in the use of programs and the principles of design, I gained a thorough survey of art history. One of my favorite eras to learn about—and maybe the most relevant to design—was the Modernist era of the early 20th century. Countless...[MORE]

Becka Bates  

Six Questions for Amy Clardy   January 28, 2019
by Becka Bates

Get to know the newest member to join the BatesMeron team, Amy Clardy! Amy is our new Account Manager, bringing with her extensive industry experience and plenty of personality. I interviewed Amy as part of our 6 Questions feature: a series of one-on-one interviews with people we work with who make us proud....[MORE]

Horacio Acevedo  

Dunkin’: A Rebrand Done Right   January 22, 2019
by Horacio Acevedo

As a designer, I like to follow many design blogs and feeds. I love reading about new trends and concepts, but one thing that never fails to get my attention is when major companies undergo rebrands. This is because they are usually followed by a flurry of articles on why...[MORE]

Matt Roman  

Skill Up for the New Year   January 15, 2019
by Matt Roman

At the end of every year, people around the world begin crafting lofty resolutions, lists filled with things they’ll likely abandon by February, or March if they’re lucky. Societally, we do this out of tradition. And that puts a lot of pressure on us to come up with something unique...[MORE]

Maggie Curran  

A Holiday Gift Guide for the Whole Agency   December 19, 2018
by Maggie Curran

The holidays are a tough time for procrastinators. If you’re like me (and I hope for your sake you’re not), you’re probably spending most of your evenings speed surfing the Internet for last-minute gifts. Finding that perfect mix of sentimental and substantial can be tricky, having endless options to choose...[MORE]

Carlie Miller  

The Power of Project Management   December 4, 2018
by Carlie Miller

Project management is something we take seriously here at BatesMeron. Behind every logo, tagline, brochure or website we create for a client is a planned series of steps to ensure that a creative project makes it into a client’s hands on time and as expected. While the work of my...[MORE]

Becka Bates  

Six Questions for Horacio Acevedo   November 21, 2018
by Becka Bates

Meet Horacio Acevedo, BatesMeron’s newest Senior Designer! A lifelong Chicagoan and urban arts enthusiast, Horacio brings to the table an eye for clean, minimal design and the ability to work across a variety of disciplines to bring our clients’ dreams to life. I interviewed Horacio as part of our 6...[MORE]

Joshua P. Ferguson  

Serious Play: The Importance of Fun in Design   November 18, 2018
by Joshua P. Ferguson

“There is no creative aspect of graphic design more enjoyable or rewarding than the indulgence in play,” said Bradbury Thompson, the famous designer, typographer and art director. In the thrum of any given work day, these are words that can easily fall by the wayside as the demands of projects pile...[MORE]

Horacio Acevedo  

Building a Strong Understanding of Graphic Design through Urban Arts   November 6, 2018
by Horacio Acevedo

As an aspiring graphic designer, I began my education with what I thought would be a great disadvantage. I did not have my first computer until my junior year of college and I had no experience in programs such as Abode Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign. I felt I was behind...[MORE]