Andrew Lewis  

The Name Game   October 18, 2011
by Andrew Lewis

Written by Shirley Ellis and Lincoln Chase, “The Name Game,” or “The Banana Song,” creates a catchy number out of a simple rhyming game. You know, “Shirley, Shirley, banana-fana fo firley…” OK, it’s a little hard to explain. Watch this YouTube video. Go ahead, we’ll wait. The Name Game on...[MORE]

Todd Pierce  

Enhancing Your Brand With QR Codes   October 11, 2011
by Todd Pierce

Have you been noticing more and more quick response (QR) codes on the El, window panels and checkout counters? Well, there’s a good reason for that: QR codes are becoming one of biggest things in marketing today. They make it easy to bridge online information with the offline world. Easy...[MORE]


The Design Love Doctor Is In   October 4, 2011
by BatesMeron

Relationships are complex. Any hopeless romantic will tell you—it’s not always easy to see the world through rose-colored specs. Crossed signals can have heart-wrenching repercussions, often leading to embarrassment, confusion, missed opportunities or worse. We designers know these feelings all too well. You see, in addition to crafting poetic copy...[MORE]

Melissa Muñoz  

Stock Photos: Searching for the Holy Grail   September 27, 2011
by Melissa Muñoz

In the best designs, all elements work seamlessly together to create unity and coherence—the color palette, font, photography and overall layout function as pieces of one unit to deliver the message at hand. Of those elements, visual imagery is very often the backbone of a design. It is the instrument...[MORE]


Sneak Peek: Chicago Flower & Garden Show “Hort Couture”   September 20, 2011
by BatesMeron

This past week was Fashion Week in New York City, and all the haughty models, intense designers and inspiring designs had us thinking of…flowers. Fret not—our minds haven’t confused floral with fashion. We’ve been working on collateral for the Chicago Flower & Garden Show, you see, and the Show’s fashion-inspired...[MORE]

Becka Bates  

Building a Manifesto (part 6 of 6)   September 12, 2011
by Becka Bates

You’ve been waiting with bated breath, right? Here’s the conclusion of my continuing explanation of the BatesMeron Manifesto. Part 6 of 6 of our rules to live by: Every aspect of the creative must serve the client’s business. I remember the exact day when my first ad at my first...[MORE]

Melanie Davis  

Aiden, Ava and iGo: A Look at Naming Trends   May 9, 2011
by Melanie Davis

The Social Security Administration recently released its annual list of the previous year’s most popular baby names. While the top 10 names for both boys and girls changed little from 2009, the fastest rising and falling names illustrate some interesting naming trends. For example, this year’s fastest-rising name was Maci....[MORE]

Becka Bates  

Building a Manifesto (part 5 of 6)   March 31, 2011
by Becka Bates

We eat, breathe and sleep our Manifesto. This set of six defining characteristics has been with us from the get-go, helped to shape who we are as a brand—and kept us honest for nearly six years. We love the way our Manifesto has been with us from the beginning and...[MORE]


Judging by the Covers   February 7, 2011
by BatesMeron

Practically speaking, the size of something is one of the most critical and foremost concerns for a designer beginning a new project. What one designs for a postage stamp is far different than what one might design for, say, the side of a building. There’s considerations for what looks good...[MORE]

Becka Bates  

Building a Manifesto (part 4 of 6)   August 30, 2010
by Becka Bates

When Shachar and I started BatesMeron, we created a Manifesto. This set of six defining characteristics has become our moral compass, helped to shape who we are as a brand—and kept us honest for over five years. We believe this is one of the most valuable steps we took when...[MORE]