March Marketing Roundup   March 20, 2012
by BatesMeron

For this month’s Marketing Roundup, we have something old, something new, something borrowed and something basketball. (Sorry, not a lot of fascinating blue-related marketing articles going around!) Retro Ads in Newsweek’s Mad Men Issue Top brands are celebrating the return of Mad Men by reviving the design and copy treatments...[MORE]

Melissa Muñoz  

Design in the Real World: The Chicago Flower & Garden Show   March 13, 2012
by Melissa Muñoz

Talk of our winter…or rather, lack of winter this year in Chicago has gotten a lot of buzz over the past few weeks. But here at BatesMeron, we’ve been in the spring spirit since last July, when our campaign for the Chicago Flower & Garden Show began. During the past...[MORE]

Becka Bates  

6 Questions for: Julie Colbrese   March 6, 2012
by Becka Bates

Sometimes we’re so proud of our clients, we could burst. We get very close to them and their brands during the brand development process, and when we see them doing great work and achieving great things, it’s very personal to us. I thought I’d start a series of one-on-one interviews...[MORE]

Melanie Davis  

Suri Cruise and the Secrets to Establishing Voice   February 28, 2012
by Melanie Davis

Picture from Suri’s Burn Book One of the most essential copywriting tasks is establishing voice. Voice is the personality and style of a body of writing. If you’re creating a brand from scratch, it’s important to establish a voice that feels authentic. For example, copy for a conservative law firm...[MORE]

Brad Ferris  

Guest Blog Post: Website, Show Me the Money   February 21, 2012
by Brad Ferris

Brad Farris, principal at Anchor Advisors, stopped by the blog just last month. However, he shared something so insightful in his own newsletter that we couldn’t resist featuring him again. As a service business, we sometimes get jealous of our product-selling brethren. You have something tangible to sell. You have...[MORE]


Pinterest for Business   February 14, 2012
by BatesMeron

Pinterest: if you’ve heard of the site, you probably think of it as a place for virtual window shopping, DIY crafts and planning weddings to grooms who may or may not exist. But don’t write this new social media site off as a pleasant diversion. Pinterest is a growing force,...[MORE]

Travis Terlau  

Guest Blog Post: The Responsibility of a Name   February 7, 2012
by Travis Terlau

Travis Terlau visits the blog this week to tell the story of his company’s recent rebranding. The financial advisory firm decided to take on a new name—Investment Answers. And, as rarely happens nowadays, they were able to get the perfect URLs to go along with it. (Yes, both .net and...[MORE]


Choose Your Own Ad Adventure   January 31, 2012
by BatesMeron

A few months back, The New York Times wrote about users picking their own ads on Hulu: “This month, Hulu introduced a format that gives users the option of clicking an “ad swap” button after a commercial begins and choosing to replace it with one of two or three options....[MORE]

Brad Ferris  

Guest Blog Post: When I Knew Branding Mattered   January 24, 2012
by Brad Ferris

We’d like to welcome Brad Farris, Principal of Anchor Advisors, as our first guest blogger. With experience as both a VP and an advisor, Brad is a treasure trove of business wisdom. This week, he’s sharing his story of when he first realized the true power of branding. My first...[MORE]


A Big F@#$in Translation Mistake   January 17, 2012
by BatesMeron

For your laugh and dropped jaw of the day, check out this post from Gawker about a Japanese department store’s—well, let’s say unconventional—promotional campaign. While this is pretty much your worst-case translation scenario, translation issues are by no means confined to accidental swear words. Working with international clients, we’ve found...[MORE]