Nina Altadonna  

A Non-Gardener’s Guide to the Chicago Flower & Garden Show   March 12, 2013
by Nina Altadonna

As a rookie to the Chicago Flower & Garden Show, I’ll admit that I had no clue what to expect once I got there. Although I have been reading, writing and learning the ins and outs of what goes into the show for months from the people of Flower Show...[MORE]

Becka Bates  

6 Questions for: Rich Eyre   March 5, 2013
by Becka Bates

Rich Eyre is a conifer collector turned nurseryman who has turned his passion into his own thriving business, Rich’s Foxwillow Pines Nursery. Rich has been participating in the Chicago Flower & Garden Show for over 25 years and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to gardening, landscaping and...[MORE]

Todd Pierce  

Ad Placement Faux Pas   February 26, 2013
by Todd Pierce

Since I work for a company that specializes in marketing, I pay more attention to ads than the average Chicagoan. For the most part I don’t spend more than about 3-4 seconds on any one ad, but lately I have found myself lingering more around ones that are humorous or...[MORE]


Go Read This Other Blog   February 19, 2013
by BatesMeron

Usually we are all about you reading this blog. But while we’d still like to be the top link in your Bookmarks folder, today we’re suggesting you check out a different blog—and we think you’ll love it. epoints USA blog Our clients, epoints USA, have started a new blog, and...[MORE]

Melanie Davis  

Treating the Valentine’s Day Flu   February 12, 2013
by Melanie Davis

Every year, when we’re just getting over the Holiday Season Fever, we come down with another marketing illness: the Valentine’s Day Flu. From January 1 to February 14, our airwaves, mailboxes and social networks are jammed with jewelry ads, chocolate ads, dining deals and eblasts from every company that could...[MORE]

Fred Schaaf  

My Packaging Valentine   February 5, 2013
by Fred Schaaf

Super Bowl Sunday started off with a huge bang with the overnight surprise release of My Bloody Valentine’s long-overdue (22 years overdue) new album. The news popped on my phone during the night and by 6:00am I was watching the MP3s download onto my computer. For the next 12 hours,...[MORE]

Becka Bates  

6 Questions for: Kelly Terlau   January 31, 2013
by Becka Bates

Kelly Terlau’s title is Chief Operations Officer, but if she was being accurate about everything that she does at Investment Answers, her business card would be filled to the brim: marketer, strategist, planner, listener, advisor, cheerleader, dreamer. Kelly does it all as part of the company’s mission to make financial...[MORE]

Melanie Davis  

How to Throw a Super Bowl Ads Party   January 29, 2013
by Melanie Davis

I am a sports fan. However, I don’t pretend to care about all sports equally. I will talk your ear off about Joakim Noah’s heart, hustle and muscle and my gutsy prediction that he will make the Basketball Hall of Fame, but my interest in other sports is more…fleeting Here...[MORE]

Nina Altadonna  

Pushing for Oscar   January 22, 2013
by Nina Altadonna

I would be lying to you if I said I have never dreamed of winning an Oscar for my undiscovered movie talents, and I would be flat-out in Pinocchio mode if I said I haven’t practiced my future acceptance speech—more than once. However, in the midst of award season, I...[MORE]

Andrew Lewis  

Let’s Get Married   January 15, 2013
by Andrew Lewis

With only six months until my wedding day, I must say, I am pretty damn excited. The dress is ordered, the rings have been picked out and the hotel is confirmed. I still remember the sweet words of the wedding coordinator, ”Just show up and look fabulous.” As I reflect...[MORE]