Tarah Kraft  

Sharing the Thanksgiving Spirit   November 22, 2016
by Tarah Kraft

Let’s face it, 2016 hasn’t been the greatest. We lost some of the greatest musicians in the form of David Bowie, Prince and Leonard Cohen, and amazing athletes such as Jose Fernandez, Muhammad Ali and Arnold Palmer. And don’t even get me started on the deaths of Gene Wilder and...[MORE]

Melissa Leonard  

Teamwork: BMSD On Working Together   November 15, 2016
by Melissa Leonard

“We have a big week ahead of us—it’s crunch time.”  This is a sentiment commonly heard around our small but mighty agency. Like most, we navigate our days with hard deadlines, full to-do lists and jam-packed calendars. The challenge at hand for us typically lies in wanting to create stunning, impactful work...[MORE]

Anna Woodward  

The Art of the Presidential Campaign Poster   November 8, 2016
by Anna Woodward

Happy Election Day! Don’t worry, we won’t get political on you. Instead, we’re discussing a more fun aspect of the elections—presidential campaign posters. In doing research for this blog post, I was hoping to find a collection of really awesome, inspiring designs. I did find a few of those, but...[MORE]

Todd Pierce  

The World Series: Logos from Our Favorite Pastime   November 1, 2016
by Todd Pierce

Since the World Series is underway (and my team, the St. Louis Cardinals, is sitting this year out), I thought I’d use my time wisely and look into the history of World Series logos. Thanks to, I was able to track them all down and share them with you...[MORE]

Carlie Miller  

BMSD LaCroix Flavor Challenge   October 25, 2016
by Carlie Miller

For the love of LaCroix If you open the fridge at BatesMeron on any given day, you’ll find an assortment of junk food, lunches, bagels and, perhaps most importantly, cans upon cans of LaCroix. A good number of the BatesMeron folks have taken a liking (or rather, an obsession? an...[MORE]

Katie Baird  

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Designers   October 18, 2016
by Katie Baird

Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re like me, you’ve waited until the last minute to decide what to be. Here are 11 totally awesome graphic-design- and marketing- themed Halloween costumes guaranteed to make your co-workers giggle and your friends say “huh?” In the spirit of the season,...[MORE]

Joshua P. Ferguson  

Why Print Matters: Vinyl Edition   October 12, 2016
by Joshua P. Ferguson

We care a lot about print at BatesMeron. It’s one of the ways that we help set our clients apart in a world dominated by digital. We feel there’s still a lot to love about the paper, texture, color and the myriad unique ways we can make a design stand out....[MORE]

Tarah Kraft  

Nostalgia and Marketing: The Second Coming of the 90s   October 4, 2016
by Tarah Kraft

I love the ’90s. I’m a Millennial after all. So over the past couple of years, I’ve obviously been overjoyed by the return of cultural gems from my childhood. This summer’s choker necklace comeback? Definitely embraced it. Britney Spears performing at the VMAs for the first time in nine years? ...[MORE]

Melissa Leonard  

We Picked Our Favorite Logo Design of All Time   September 27, 2016
by Melissa Leonard

The logo is the keystone to the brand. It’s the piece that holds the whole mess together. The tag. The calling card. The fingerprint. The mark that says everything there is to say about a brand—packed into a square inch of space. It can convey, among other things, a reputation,...[MORE]

Anna Woodward  

Live Long and Prosper: Lessons from Star Trek on Brand Longevity   September 20, 2016
by Anna Woodward

  As some of you may have noticed, September 8th was the 50th anniversary of the debut episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. This milestone was marked with TV marathons, shout-outs across the Internet and at a nationwide convention tour, which I attended right here in Chicago when it...[MORE]