Becka Bates  

6 Questions for: Sheri Miller   February 4, 2016
by Becka Bates

Meet Sheri Miller. She’s the Executive Director of the Charmm’d Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated helping local leaders better their communities and themselves through collaboration and tried-and-true leadership techniques. I interviewed Sheri as part of our 6 Questions feature: a series of one-on-one interviews with people we work with who’ve made us...[MORE]

Todd Pierce  

The Big Impact of a Good Business Card   February 2, 2016
by Todd Pierce

In most instances, your business card is a potential client’s first contact with your company. You’re trying to engage with them as well as entice them to find out more about what your company does—all in a memorable way. One of the best ways to accomplish all of these things at...[MORE]

Carlie Miller  

5 Unique Instagram Brand Campaigns   January 26, 2016
by Carlie Miller

While most of the Instagram photos I post are typically of my lunch, my cat or a city skyline, some brands have turned up the dial on creativity and launched some interesting campaigns on the social media platform that have done an excellent job of driving engagement. Here are 5 of...[MORE]

Fred Schaaf  

Printer Partners—Tips to Master Printing Projects   January 20, 2016
by Fred Schaaf

At BatesMeron, we have a pretty great team of talented designers who have mastered the creative process of print. They can take a unique and solid design for a business card and then pick just the right paper, inks and foils. The trouble is, after all of this creative expertise has...[MORE]

Becka Bates  

6 Questions for: Ashley Hothersall   January 12, 2016
by Becka Bates

This is Ashley, our newest copywriter here at BatesMeron. She’s a born and raised Illinois native with a passion for all things creative and coffee-related. With her big personality, unbeatable proofing skills and an ever-growing list of awesome hobbies, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome her to our team. I...[MORE]

Taylor Wells  

A Very BatesMeron Holiday Carol   December 22, 2015
by Taylor Wells

'Twas a few days before Christmas, and at BatesMeron, the whole team was real busy getting the year's final work done... [MORE]


The Importance of a Creative Outlet   December 15, 2015
by BatesMeron

When’s the last time you took an art class or read a book for fun? Maybe sketch writing and stand-up are totally your thing, or if you’re like me, a date with a glass of wine... [MORE]

Melissa Muñoz  

Inside Sweet 301: A Look at Graphic Standards   December 8, 2015
by Melissa Muñoz

If you’ve worked with BatesMeron to create, reimagine or tweak a brand, you understand how much work goes into our process. After interviews, brainstorms, research, collaboration and lots of creative juice, you receive a shiny new brand—congratulations! A new or revitalized brand is certainly something to get excited about. It’s the fully...[MORE]


A BatesMeron Thanksgiving   November 25, 2015
by BatesMeron

The first Chicago snows have fallen, and though we may not be all that grateful that the late-season summer has finally subsided, all of us at BMSD are thankful that we have wonderful friends and family to spend the holiday with. To celebrate our favorite turkey-filled holiday, we decided to poke...[MORE]

Becka Bates  

6 Questions for: Tracy Paukstys   November 24, 2015
by Becka Bates

Tracy Paukstys is the Senior Director of Client Development at Insights in Marketing, one of the top market research consultancies in the business. With over 20 years of experience in consumer research, she’s a pro when it comes to figuring out what people want and how her clients can best...[MORE]