Better Brainstorming   June 30, 2015
by BatesMeron

AIGA recently released some tips to help improve brainstorming sessions—and while reading the piece, I found myself agreeing with many of the points. I’ve always enjoyed the process of a good group brainstorm, but this article helped open my eyes to ways that the creative process of collaboration can be made...[MORE]

Chuck Sanchez  

The Perils of Overused Stock Photography   June 23, 2015
by Chuck Sanchez

Stock photography refers to staged photographs sold for commercial use. These images are often used for things like advertisements and promotional materials. Stock photography is a necessary and useful part of marketing in that it provides the opportunity for visuals to accompany content when the content itself has no images...[MORE]

Becka Bates  

6 Questions for: Jen Calhoun   June 16, 2015
by Becka Bates

Jen Calhoun is the Marketing Manager at Ernst Benary of America, one of the top ornamental seed breeding companies in the world. Jen possesses a lifelong passion for all things green, which she combines with her 16-year track record of creative and strategic marketing every day to make some pretty beautiful campaigns for Benary’s many...[MORE]

Todd Pierce  

Wine & Design: The Art of Labels   June 9, 2015
by Todd Pierce

I want to start of by stating that I am not a wine drinker, nor could I tell you the difference between a Cabernet and a Pinot. (I just know they are both red wines.) However, I often find myself buying wine for either a party, a gift or just...[MORE]

Carlie Miller  

Can A Website Determine Where You Travel?   June 2, 2015
by Carlie Miller

With the weather warming up and summer fast approaching, some of us at BatesMeron are starting to plan our summertime getaways. While I don’t have any trips on the immediate horizon, I’m always thinking about where I’ll go next. One of the first things I do when planning a trip...[MORE]

Nina Altadonna  

Types of Taglines   May 27, 2015
by Nina Altadonna

A while back, I wrote about taglines right here on this very blog. I introduced two large categories, action and definition, but also alluded to the fact that there are a multitude of styles that can live within these groups. So today, I’m digging deeper into the verb-filled world of...[MORE]

Taylor Wells  

Brand Safari: Product Placement Where You Least Expect It   May 19, 2015
by Taylor Wells

Working at BatesMeron, I have the chance to be up-close and personal with brands every day. We talk about brands, write about brands and often create new brands, so it comes as no surprise that when it’s time for me to leave the office and head out into the place...[MORE]

Melissa Leonard  

A Mother’s Guide to Art Direction   May 12, 2015
by Melissa Leonard

This past weekend was Mother’s Day. Heartfelt cards were exchanged, flowers were in bloom and my big-gulp cup runneth over with mimosa. As the only mom on the BatesMeron team, I consider it my duty to captivate my colleagues with fascinating stories on subjects that range from who made what...[MORE]

Fred Schaaf  

Fred Takes on CAST 2015   May 7, 2015
by Fred Schaaf

A few weeks ago, I once again, found myself on a plane headed to the West Coast for the 2015 California Spring Trials (aka CAST, Spring Trials and Pack Trials). The week-long event highlights the newest plant varieties and packaging sale programs within the horticulture industry. The event was spread...[MORE]

Becka Bates  

6 Questions for: Taylor Wells   May 5, 2015
by Becka Bates

Meet Taylor Wells. He just joined our team—taking on the role of copywriter, resident history buff and fellow “Game of Thrones” watcher. Taylor is a Mizzou alum who hails from our great state of Illinois. His outgoing personality, wit and swan-like characteristics have been a welcomed addition to our Sweet...[MORE]