Joshua P. Ferguson  

Campaign Crush: Save the Food   September 5, 2017
by Joshua P. Ferguson

Everyone in the BatesMeron office knows I’m the resident stickler about recycling. If you want to know what can and can’t be thrown into the blue bin, look no further. My passion for homegrown environmentalism doesn’t stop with recycling. I try my hardest to stay informed about and contribute to...[MORE]

Ricardo Gomez  

Saul Bass and Why Man Creates: A Must Watch for Creatives   August 29, 2017
by Ricardo Gomez

Why Man Creates is a short documentary filmed by the singular graphic design titan Saul Bass and screenwriter Mayo Simon in 1968. It addresses creativity in a way I’ve never seen, by attempting to answer questions like where creativity comes from and why it exists, and lending the viewer very interesting...[MORE]

Melissa Muñoz  

The Atlanta Municipal Signs Redesign   August 22, 2017
by Melissa Muñoz

My hometown, Atlanta, Georgia—jewel of the South—is well known for scads of great things. It’s a city overflowing with music, warmth, art, history, old trees with branches you can climb like ladders, biscuits and fried chicken. And this summer, we can finally round out that list with the addition of...[MORE]

Anna Woodward  

TV Show Marketing in the Digital Age   August 15, 2017
by Anna Woodward

If there’s one thing all members of the BMSD staff have in common, it’s our unabashed love of quality television.  We don’t all watch the same shows, but where there’s overlap, we carve out a good chunk of time before work each day to discuss every last detail. And as...[MORE]

Todd Pierce  

The Decline of the Illinois License Plate Design   August 8, 2017
by Todd Pierce

I remember going to my grandparents’ farm as a child. There, my grandpa had a collection of all the license plates he had ever owned on showcase in the garage. When asking him why there were so many, he informed me that when he was growing up people were issued...[MORE]

Carlie Miller  

The Thrill of the New Observation Deck Experience   August 1, 2017
by Carlie Miller

This past weekend I had a couple friends visit from out of town. Naturally, we worked our way through all the obligatory Chicago tourist activities. We shopped on Michigan Avenue, went to Navy Pier, ate deep dish pizza and we also checked out the new TILT! experience at the John...[MORE]

Katie Baird  

The Liberating Limitations of Instagram Stories   July 25, 2017
by Katie Baird

It’s no secret that I am an unabashed lover of Instagram. You might even remember this post about inspiring Instagram accounts. Recently, I’ve been extra enthralled with Instagram’s Stories feature. When Stories first launched, I was irritated at what felt like a bad Snapchat ripoff. But a few key features...[MORE]

Tarah Kraft  

Your Twitter Strategy: Getting Creative in 140 Characters   July 18, 2017
by Tarah Kraft

Since its launch more ten years ago, Twitter has proven to be a great marketing platform for brands. By using a strong Twitter strategy and brand voice, while still connecting with consumers in a fun and conversational way, brands have made the platform a lasting creative outlet for unique marketing....[MORE]

Joshua P. Ferguson  

Building Brand Culture: Why > What   July 11, 2017
by Joshua P. Ferguson

Recently, BatesMeron President Becka Bates invited me to join her at Vistage, an executive leadership advisory group that meets monthly. During this particular session, psychologist and culture change expert Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky came in to speak to us about the impact of culture on success in business. A fascinating presentation from...[MORE]

Melissa Muñoz  

Demystifying Sustainable Printing   July 3, 2017
by Melissa Muñoz

Recycle, reduce, reuse. This eco-conscious proverb has been in our heads since grade school. You might have put it to use by making bird feeders out of old milk jugs then, but at a time when our environmental regulations are being aggressively cut back it’s important to explore the more...[MORE]