Carlie Miller  

The Secret Behind IKEA’s Crazy Product Names   May 31, 2016
by Carlie Miller

Working at an agency responsible for naming products and brands regularly, I always find it hard not to appreciate companies who find creative ways to name their merchandise. I took a trip to IKEA over the weekend and wandered the massive labyrinth of cheap furniture and trendy housewares for a good two...[MORE]

Katie Baird  

Roller Derby Gets a Minimalist Makeover   May 24, 2016
by Katie Baird

As a long-time roller derby enthusiast and player, I can safely say that today’s roller derby scene has come a long way from its theatrical incarnation in the 70’s. As modern roller derby continues to evolve and gain popularity, it’s taking more and more cues from other professional sports. Top...[MORE]

Becka Bates  

6 Questions for: Kitchfix’s Josh and Britta Katt   May 17, 2016
by Becka Bates

Josh and Britta Katt are the husband and wife team behind Kitchfix, a meal delivery service based here in Chicago that also has its own line of grain-free granola and grain-free waffles. As head chef and head of marketing, respectively, the Katts and their team are helping transform the way...[MORE]

Joshua P. Ferguson  

Recipes for Social Media Success   May 3, 2016
by Joshua P. Ferguson

If you’re a regular hanging out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, you’ve definitely seen them. They’re those bite-size, kinda hyperlapse videos that are basically visual recipes for quick or quirky meals. They’re pretty popular. That’s actually an understatement. As an emerging form of social content, these video recipes have become...[MORE]

Melissa Muñoz  

An Ode to Adult Coloring Books   April 27, 2016
by Melissa Muñoz

Recently, a good friend of mine came to Chicago to stay with us for a long and fabulous weekend. She lives in a small, far less amazing city, so the heat was on to show her a most excellent time. We toured. We gorged. We conquered. Excellent time achieved. When...[MORE]

Taylor Wells  

The Power of Silence   April 19, 2016
by Taylor Wells

Imagine: you’re sitting in your living room, ignoring the routine talking heads and catchy jingles on the television during a commercial break while you look at something on your phone. Then, all of a sudden, you hear something. Or rather, you don’t hear something. you look at your television confused,...[MORE]

Pilar McQuirter  

Breaking the Internet: Hamburger Helper   April 11, 2016
by Pilar McQuirter

If you look back at Hamburger Helper and their commercials (or you fondly recall meals from your childhood past), they’ve always been a very family-oriented brand. Many of those spots even center on Lefty, their Helping Hand mascot. These days, Hamburger Helper is seeking to connect with both the moms cooking with their product...[MORE]

Fred Schaaf  

Finding an Answer in a Font   April 5, 2016
by Fred Schaaf

  Recently I found myself looking for a good article to send to someone about dyslexia since they had stunned me with the over-generalizing statement “everyone has dyslexia.” I knew they were referencing the assumption that dyslexia is often used as an excuse for poor reading—in fact, according to DyslexiaHelp at the...[MORE]

Todd Pierce  

The Importance of Mocking Things Up   March 29, 2016
by Todd Pierce

In print design, a mock-up is a full-size model used to give your client a sense of what the final piece will look like. At the very least, a mock-up shows the functionality of a piece for the client to provide feedback. Mocking projects up can be a tedious process,...[MORE]

Carlie Miller  

The Perks of Being a BMSDer   March 22, 2016
by Carlie Miller

I’ve been a part of the BatesMeron team for just about a year now, and I’ve loved being surrounded by so much creativity and talent on a daily basis. In addition to getting to work with cool people on cool projects, being a part of the BatesMeron team also means...[MORE]