Melissa Leonard  

Our Dream Office   July 22, 2014
by Melissa Leonard

As you might know, the team at BatesMeron will soon have a new spot to hang our hats (and helmets). The countdown to our big office move is growing smaller and these last few weeks have ensured that all of our spare moments are filled with daydreams of what life might be like on the third floor. Although most of Continue Reading

Josey Yun  

Insights From the Intern: Preparing for August   July 18, 2014
by Josey Yun

Though we are only halfway into the month of July, it sure does feel as if August is right around the corner. The reason is probably because August is a big month for everyone here at BatesMeron, including myself. Moving day is drawing near! Though we are all ecstatic about having larger and better space, there is a lot to get done. I Continue Reading


BMSD Meets BBQ   July 17, 2014
by BatesMeron

With the help of BatesMeron, ROWDYDOW bbQ has just launched a new website—and it’s serving up smokin’ good, slow cooked bbQ. BatesMeron recently worked with the bbQ pulled pork and brisket brand to redesign and develop a new website. Featuring a responsive site design, bold headlines and an easy to navigate user experience, the website leaves you immediately wanting to take a Continue Reading

Chuck Sanchez  

The Sour and the Sweet   July 15, 2014
by Chuck Sanchez

The first morning of the year I spent living with my grandmother, Mary, was mired in childish disappointment from the beginning. Not only had she woken me up extra early, but when I arrived at the breakfast table I was greeted by a bowl of Cheerios. Not Honey Nut Cheerios, mind you—the regular, normal kind. They were just bland, boring, tasteless Continue Reading

Josey Yun  

Insights From the Intern: Diving In   July 10, 2014
by Josey Yun

Time goes by fast when you’re enjoying yourself at BatesMeron! I’m almost halfway done with my internship and the sweetness still hasn’t worn off. Learning from the best is always a privilege, and being able to watch the process of great designs being born is indescribably awesome. These days, I’ve been getting more involved in testing my own skills and abilities. Continue Reading


Sweet Digs: BatesMeron is Moving  
by BatesMeron

News Alert: Walls are being painted and floors are being buffed here at 920 Franklin Square. That can only mean one thing: the team of BatesMeron is moving office spaces. Yes, we’ve got a new set of bronze keys to match our new digs on the third floor of our brown-bricked River North building. We won’t officially move in until Continue Reading

Becka Bates  

6 Questions for: I.M. Lerner   July 8, 2014
by Becka Bates

We are beyond thrilled to congratulate our client, partner and friend, I.M. Lerner, on the publication of the second book in her Under the Staircase children’s book series, The Hidden Entrance. We are again honored to have helped her bring this vision to life through illustration, design and layout.  I interviewed I.M. as part of our 6 Questions feature: a series of interviews to Continue Reading


AMERICA   July 3, 2014
by BatesMeron

Happy Independence Day from the team at BatesMeron! We thought we’d exercise our First Amendment rights and share what the United States of America means to us: Todd Who is the most American person/character? Tim Howard What is your Fourth of July beverage of choice? Miller Lite What are you wearing for the holiday? Team USA soccer jersey and jean shorts Nina Who is Continue Reading

Nina Altadonna  

Everyone’s a Poet: Finding and Spreading Words   July 1, 2014
by Nina Altadonna

I love Chipotle. Not only because of the delicious guacamole and chicken burrito bowls I customize to tasty perfection, but because of their food packaging. If you haven’t noticed, the world’s favorite fast food burrito chain (in my opinion) is printing poems, philosophy notes, short stories and intelligent musings all over their bags and cups in a series called “Cultivating Continue Reading

Josey Yun  

Insights From the Intern: Facing Fears   June 27, 2014
by Josey Yun

They say, “Practice makes perfect!” and I’m a big believer in that. This week, I faced something I dreaded the most…mounting. I don’t want to complain here—if anything, I am truly grateful—but the one thing I always got criticized for in class was my craftsmanship. Even if I were to design something that I found satisfying and pleasing to the eye, presenting Continue Reading