BOO!-tesMeron Sweet Costume Design   October 30, 2014
by BatesMeron

It’s no secret that as creatives, we have a leg up on the Halloween costume game. We’re not afraid (get it?) to think outside of the box, use what we have and dream up crazy costumes. If you weren’t inspired last year with our Top 12 Ad-inspired Costumes, check out our team’s Halloween costumes from years past—and prepare to be amazed. Becka Continue Reading

Becka Bates  

6 Reasons Branding Should Be Intentional   October 28, 2014
by Becka Bates

Earlier this month, I had the honor of giving a presentation at the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Chicago’s THRIVE Conference at the Drake Hotel. I shared my take on intentional branding—what it is and what it can do for business owners. Below is just a quick redux of my presentation, if you’d like to hear more about my Continue Reading


Welcome to Sweet 301   October 23, 2014
by BatesMeron

The pictures are hung, the desks are in place and the kitchen shelves are filled with treats. That can only mean one thing: BatesMeron is all moved in. But wait, it gets better! Not only do we have a sweet new suite, we’ve got a new entrance that welcomes friends with wow. Take a look…or drop by and see for Continue Reading

Rachel Skybetter  

Why Editors Matter   October 21, 2014
by Rachel Skybetter

I, like most millennials, love technology. I love winning arguments by Googling an answer, paying for my parking spot via iPhone and posting endless pictures of my dog instantly. At work, I love that I can quickly refer to online style guides for assistance then send off files for approval at the speed of light. With all this excitement and innovation, Continue Reading


Will Letter for Lunch   October 16, 2014
by BatesMeron

Lunch is a good thing. And so is lettering. Put them together and you’ve got a brilliant concept! Well, that’s what we learned from graphic designer Lauren Hom, who is giving the world an artful lesson in bartering. A recent Grub Street article, written by Sierra Tishgart, details Hom’s inspiring method of payment—and it’s filled with delicious design. Read on for the full Grub Street article. Continue Reading

Nina Altadonna  

Creative Lessons I Learned From Improv Class   October 14, 2014
by Nina Altadonna

I have never been called shy. Since I was a young kid, I’ve always had a thing for putting on a show. Whether it was an impromptu theatre performance at a family party or a much-rehearsed dance recital starring my sister and me, being in front of an audience is something I love. This past summer I decided to get Continue Reading


Don’t Mind Our BeesWaxx   October 9, 2014
by BatesMeron

When it comes to fostering a outgoing, creative and helpful team environment, we have to admit, BatesMeron is pretty darn good. Yes, our office may be filled with goofballs, know-it-alls and cookie monsters, but at the end of the day, we all really enjoy working together. (And that’s rare.) So every month as a thank you to our peers for being awesome, Continue Reading

Melissa Leonard  

All That Glitters   October 7, 2014
by Melissa Leonard

Taking a moment to honor the memory of my grandmother, whose stories we will share—and wear—forever.


Oops, We Did It Again   October 2, 2014
by BatesMeron

Can you believe it’s October already? Neither can we. Due to the success of our last BatesMeron quiz, we just had to create another one revolving around our favorite season. Enjoy!

Chuck Sanchez  

5 Marketing Mistakes Small- and Medium-sized Businesses Make   September 30, 2014
by Chuck Sanchez

Nearly every business owner knows that effective marketing can help them reach their target audience to sell a product or service. Nearly every business owner also makes a series of common mistakes along that path to success. These mistakes hinder business owners from spending their invested capital efficiently and distract them from other imperative business decisions. It’s time to clear Continue Reading