Becka Bates  

Your Brand’s Website Has Literally Never Been More Important   May 5, 2020
by Becka Bates

We can’t stress enough the importance of your brand’s web presence. It’s so important to us, we equate it to the front door if your brand was a house (and if you haven’t read that post of ours, you really ought to). A well designed, well organized website is one of...[MORE]

Becka Bates  

The Story of an Event that Almost Wasn’t   April 24, 2020
by Becka Bates

Let’s start at the beginning—pre-social-distancing, pre-everyone-wearing-sweatpants-every-day—back in November 2019. Each year around that time, we begin work with Pacific Plug & Liner (PP&L), a wholesale supplier of perennial plant plugs and liners, to develop a theme and accompanying marketing campaign for the California Spring Trials (CAST). One of horticulture’s biggest...[MORE]

Horacio Acevedo  

Respect the Process   March 13, 2020
by Horacio Acevedo

Launching a new website with the best strategy and process right from the start can make all the difference between a successful launch and one that will fizzle out before getting off the ground. Let’s be real: websites are big investments for businesses—but with a great plan in place, they...[MORE]

Todd Pierce  

Fight Mental Fatigue With Project Management   February 20, 2020
by Todd Pierce

Let’s be real: Most of us would be lying if we said we weren’t suffering from mental fatigue in at least one aspect of our lives. According to Healthline, mental fatigue can happen to anyone who continually deals with situations that activate their body’s stress response. It can make you feel...[MORE]

Dan Wu  

Too Long; Didn’t Read: How Consumers (Don’t) Read Websites   February 13, 2020
by Dan Wu

When you explore a website, how much content would you really like to read? For me, and probably you, the answer is “very little”. So, why do businesses tend to add blocks upon blocks of content to their websites? In their attempt to address every opportunity to sell, they end...[MORE]

Linda Dao Ohr  

Turn Customer Success into Return on Experience   February 6, 2020
by Linda Dao Ohr

We’re often asked how BatesMeron shows return on investment (ROI). And we often answer in an unexpected way: We don’t. Instead, we prefer to leverage customer success content to highlight the real impact of our work—a tool we’ve coined return on experience (ROX). To understand our approach, we’ll have to...[MORE]

Vivienne Apsey  

A Brutalism Renaissance: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly   January 23, 2020
by vivienne

History has a funny way of repeating itself—and design history is no exception. Decade after decade, we see quite an array of design trends come and go, only to come back again. We also see that often, architecture lies at the heart of these trends’ inspiration. Such was the case...[MORE]

Matt Roman  

Navigating the Feedback Loop   January 16, 2020
by Matt Roman

As designers, we’re accustomed to providing two to three, sometimes even four concepts to a client. Almost always, there’s a favorite, a safe option and a third, cobbled-together version you’re praying they don’t pick. More often than not, the client picks one of the aforementioned options and you move forward....[MORE]

frank okay porcaro  

But It’s Mine!: An Illustrator’s Brief Guide to Selling Out   December 12, 2019
by frank okay porcaro

“No illustrator has a ‘style’ until they literally can’t do anything else,” is something a professor once told myself and my fellow BFA-seeking illustration cohort. While I have gone back-and-forth with whether I agree with this statement, one thing is clear between the lines: one’s style is sacred. As a...[MORE]

Maggie Curran  

The Best Way to Brighten Your Season   December 5, 2019
by Maggie Curran

Thanksgiving is over and our BatesMeron team is feeling its effects in full force. There’s a ringing in our ears from a long weekend of pleasantries exchanged and babies crying. If we even look at another side dish, we will surely explode. Our credit cards have been used more in...[MORE]