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2018 Project Vision Board

2018 is now in full effect and while a considerable portion of my energy these days goes into talking myself off the couch and out of my hooded electric blanket with sleeves, I know deep down that this is going to be an exciting year full of new projects and  opportunities. Yes, it’s time to rally,...
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Wrapping Up 2017

What do you get when you offer BatesMeroners an opportunity to hear from creatives on their biggest takeaways from 2017? A very excited staff, that's what. Last week, our friends at Palmer Printing offered us the opportunity to do just that—plus a surprise finale we're excited to share with all of you! Palmer celebrated their...
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The Atlanta Municipal Signs Redesign

My hometown, Atlanta, Georgia—jewel of the South—is well known for scads of great things. It’s a city overflowing with music, warmth, art, history, old trees with branches you can climb like ladders, biscuits and fried chicken. And this summer, we can finally round out that list with the addition of fantastically designed municipal signs.  

Municipal signs...

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California Spring Trials—We Already Miss You!

At the beginning of April, our account manager Tarah and I packed our bags to head over to Watsonville, California to get a first-hand account of one of our favorite events to work on, the California Spring Trials (CAST). This annual west coast event brings together leading plant breeders, growers and suppliers to show off their best and brightest stars. BatesMeron has...
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Food Packaging: Mouthwatering Design

I freaking love going to the grocery store. Maybe it's that I'm really getting into the swing of this 30-something thing, but for me, a Saturday morning spent browsing the supermarket shelves is thoroughly delightful. Although... delightful for reasons you might not expect. Sure, the food is great and all, but the food packaging is where it’s really at. Let's take a...
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Teamwork: BMSD On Working Together

"We have a big week ahead of us—it's crunch time."  This is a sentiment commonly heard around our small but mighty agency. Like most, we navigate our days with hard deadlines, full to-do lists and jam-packed calendars. The challenge at hand for us typically lies in wanting to create stunning, impactful work in a reasonable amount of time. This is...
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We Picked Our Favorite Logo Design of All Time

The logo is the keystone to the brand. It’s the piece that holds the whole mess together. The tag. The calling card. The fingerprint. The mark that says everything there is to say about a brand—packed into a square inch of space. It can convey, among other things, a reputation, a tone, history and values....
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