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Printer Partners—Tips to Master Printing Projects

At BatesMeron, we have a pretty great team of talented designers who have mastered the creative process of print. They can take a unique and solid design for a business card and then pick just the right paper, inks and foils. The trouble is, after all of this creative expertise has created a beautiful product, you can...
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Fred Takes on CAST 2015

A few weeks ago, I once again, found myself on a plane headed to the West Coast for the 2015 California Spring Trials (aka CAST, Spring Trials and Pack Trials). The week-long event highlights the newest plant varieties and packaging sale programs within the horticulture industry. The event was spread across the state and featured...
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Christmas Comes Early for Chicago Skaters

Ever since I moved to Chicago 10 years ago, there has been talk about a skate park downtown. I always considered it a pipe dream since getting new construction approved by the city of Chicago often takes more than just connections and money. And as a lifelong skateboarder, I know there's still a good percentage...
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On My Doorstep Every Morning

Many people don’t understand why I still read the daily newspaper. I get both Chicago papers delivered to my doorstep each morning and on some Sundays I even add The New York Times to my pile. People are often boggled by the fact that I pay for this service. (I’m sure they’d be appalled to...
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Adidas’ World Cup Cross-Marketing

We're in the thick of the World Cup, and us BatesMeron-ers cannot get enough of it. Hopefully, you've caught the first two USA matches so far, or at the very least caught Todd's blog about World Cup jerseys the other week. We aren't the only ones with World Cup fever. Adidas...
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A Visit to Spring Trials 2014

Fred visits CAST This year I made a special trip out to California to check out the Northern section of the horticulture industry’s California Spring Trials (CAST). While there I was able to be a part of our client’s celebration of their new plant varieties—and soak up the sunny skies and...
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