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Campaign Crush: OkCupid is DTF

If you’d asked me a few weeks ago if I was interested in anything OkCupid had to offer, I’d answer with a resounding “no.” I’m definitely not the online dating expert of the office and based on my limited experience and the stories of friends and acquaintances, the results of online dating tend to range...
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The Mag Mile Festival of Lights Parade

We’ve worked with the Chicago Flower & Garden Show team since 2012, providing everything from a full rebrand to yearly show themes and marketing. The Flower Show has been a part of the city’s cultural landscape since the 1800’s and we’re happy to help bring about the Chicago tradition year after year,...
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What Goes into Making a Tagline That Really Sings?

The tagline—it’s the thing that either sticks in people’s minds for the rest of their lives or it immediately floats away, never to be thought of again. Or is it neither? Over the years, the need for a brand tagline has been called into question by the advertising community. A 2013 AdAge article...
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TV Show Marketing in the Digital Age

If there’s one thing all members of the BMSD staff have in common, it’s our unabashed love of quality television. We don’t all watch the same shows, but where there’s overlap, we carve out a good chunk of time before work each day to discuss every last detail. And as branding and marketing nerds, we...
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Summer Bucket List: Productive Writer Edition

The days are longer, the air is warmer and Chicagoans are emerging from their apartments in search of summer fun. Growing up, my summer plans were always very simple: do as little of anything resembling “work” as humanly possible. These days my mindset is a little different when it comes to the warmer months. My plans...
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Brand Activism in Today’s Marketplace

It’s safe to say that advertisers are always on the hunt for new ways to engage and connect with consumers. Sometimes that’s humor, sometimes it’s a saccharine heart-tugging narrative and sometimes it's brand activism, going a little deeper and aiming for the moral center. In 1971, America was still in the Vietnam War and the idea of...
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The Art of the Presidential Campaign Poster

Happy Election Day! Don’t worry, we won’t get political on you. Instead, we're discussing a more fun aspect of the elections—presidential campaign posters. In doing research for this blog post, I was hoping to find a collection of really awesome, inspiring designs. I did find a few of those, but what I also discovered was...
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