Announcement Ideas for Prince George (and You Peasant Babies Too)

July 30, 2013 | by Fred Schaaf

With the entire world (or at least that is what Entertainment Tonight is reporting) enthralled with the birth of the new royal in Britain, I was remembering the birth of my own son and the formality of sending out a birth announcement. If you ever have been a new parent, you understand that this is the last thing on your mind after you bring home that little bundle of joy. Really, the focus seems to be finding time to sleep, and hoping that you don’t do any lasting harm to the kid before he/she can even walk.

So to help Kate & William, and any of you parents-to-be or new parents, I have listed a few tips to help you in creating your birth announcement.

creative birth announcement

This is a fantastic example of classy and creative. The parents chose to take a beautiful, yet simple, photo of their little human and add in copy in a unique way. This just screams cute and precious and adorable and sweet and wonderful and all of those other terms people spurt out when looking at baby photos. This is a winner.

hipster birth announcement

Little Stella has hipster parents. It is clear as day. The letterpressed announcement lets everyone know they are a cool family, and it does not really matter what the new baby looks like—it’s just important to show off that they can afford letterpressed cards. I still think this is a winner, and maybe dad needs to shave.

funny birth announcements

Funny is good. These three examples show how you can create a funny birth (or pregnancy) announcement. Funny works if the layout is clean. So often funny goes wrong with a sloppy layout where it just looks like you plopped it out. If you’re going with funny, keep it classy and you will have a winner.

meme birth announcement

Oh memes…not a winner. In this day where the little mail we do receive is bills or junk, why not take the time to print your birth announcement. If your hesitation is all about money…um, you just had a kid—this small person is going to drain your wallet in the coming years. Take the time and print something nice—you won’t regret it.

tacky birth announcement

Please don’t. Just stop. If you go in this direction you might have a representative from BMSD come slap you.

You have nine months to think this through…so take some time and work on your layout beforehand. There are many online solutions to help you (Tiny Prints, Shutterfly)—and if Junior comes a little early, there is no harm in sending these out a few months after the birth.

Now if you need help naming your child, BMSD can help you with that too!

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