A BatesMeron Thanksgiving

November 25, 2015 | by BatesMeron

The first Chicago snows have fallen, and though we may not be all that grateful that the late-season summer has finally subsided, all of us at BMSD are thankful that we have wonderful friends and family to spend the holiday with. To celebrate our favorite turkey-filled holiday, we decided to poke around the office and ask everyone what they’re most thankful for this Thanksgiving (serious, heartwarming or otherwise.)


Sukhi, my sweet pup, had a lot of health problems this year. My husband and I struggled with some really tough decisions about potentially dangerous and pricey procedures to hopefully improve her health. I’m thankful we were in a position to provide her these procedures, and she’s going to be with us for a lot longer thanks to the great care she’s received. Experiences like these make you more aware of every little gesture of love and warmth she gives us each day.



This Thanksgiving I’ll be taking some time to think about how grateful I am for down, fleece, thermal gear, fur (only the fake stuff, of course), microfiber and even that most oppressive of fabrics, polyester—nothing traps in heat better. It’s about to get seriously cold out there. And while I love my friends and family so much that my heart could just explode, loving them won’t keep me from getting frostbite this winter. Thank you warm clothes, I love you.

Melissa Thankful


Ah 2015, I’m thankful for so many things. Looking back at this past year, I’m really happy and grateful to have such strong support groups in my life. This is my fifth year in Chicago, and each year I’ve grown closer with friends from high school and college and have even developed new friendships in unexpected places. It’s been a year of concerts, festivals, breakups, dating gossip and glasses of wine on patios. As for my soccer team, we’ve shared another year of hot tub parties, mud runs and laughs. I’m also super thankful for the close relationship I have with my parents and to see them care for each other so much. I’m grateful that my mom always picks up my calls and didn’t freak out too badly when I told her I got a tattoo. So here’s to another year of questionable decisions and memories to be made with the people I love the most in life.



This year, I’ve got plenty to be thankful for. I’m thankful for the wonderful, supportive family that has made me who I am today. I’m thankful for my amazing girlfriend who makes every day better than the last one. I’m thankful for my friends in and out of the office that keep every day exciting and full of good things.

But let’s be real here—I’ve been thankful for these awesome things all year. So on this special, long holiday weekend, I’m thankful for something more specific; having plenty of time to play video games in my pajamas until my eyes bleed (and having people in my life willing to accept all of my nerdy splendor.)


I’m thankful for my favorite Thanksgiving dish, corn casserole. Every year my mom whips up a delicious batch of canned corn and cornbread goodness and brings it to our Thanksgiving celebration. Upon first bite, I’m treated with a tantalizing blend of sweet and creamy corn mixed with classic, fluffy cornbread. From this moment, a wave of thankfulness washes over me and I’m happy to be celebrating another Thanksgiving with good food and family.

Carlie Thankful


I am thankful for the opportunity I have to pursue my passions and work with like-minded individuals. I’m also thankful for having a family that gave me all kind of ‘goods’ like unconditional love, education, a roof over my head, and of course food! Also for my health and friends who always stick by me no matter what. Lastly, I am thankful for my dog Darcy, she always makes me happy even when I’m in a shitty mood.



I am thankful for coffee. Not only is coffee one of the greatest and most comforting beverages around, but coffee is also responsible for introducing me to my closest friends. When I first moved to Chicago with no friends at all, I went to my local café every day. I became friends with the baristas there by chatting about professional wrestling, and they introduced me to wonderful people in the coffee community. My boyfriend, my best friend, my roommate—all of my favorite people are in my life thanks to coffee. And sometimes I can even convince them to try spelling my name in latte foam and selling it to strangers.

Adina thankful


I am thankful for Thrasher Magazine’s Hall of Meat clip on Instagram. After skateboarding for 33 years, it is always nice to have a reminder that no one is perfect and skateboarding can get the best of you. So watch with enjoyment, laughter or horror, but know that I am thankful for the health to keep falling and failing just to get up and try it again. #thankyouskateboarding

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