8 Inspiring Newsletters to Help Take Back Your Inbox

September 25, 2018 | by Carlie Miller

In today’s attention economy where views equal dollars and content is being thrown at us wherever we look, it’s easy for people to be passive consumers—reading newsletters you didn’t subscribe to, watching Instagram ads that don’t pertain to you just because they’re in your feed or listening to that U2 album you never chose to download. It’s a habit that can be hard to break when our online paths are paved for us. But more and more, people are trying. Me included.

Over the past several months, I’ve been trying to make an effort to consciously notice the content I’m consuming and stop consuming content that isn’t beneficial to me or doesn’t brings me joy. One way I’m doing this is by committing to “take back my inbox.” I’ve been unsubscribing to newsletters and emails that I’m not interested in and replacing these with some truly inspirational newsletters.

If you’d like to take back your inbox as well, or if you’re actively sending out newsletters and want some fresh ideas on how to make yours more inspiring, here are eight of my favorite newsletters that leave me feeling better about the content I consume.


1. My Morning Routine

Each week, My Morning Routine interviews one person about their daily morning rituals. The interviews take place with entrepreneurs, authors, world travelers and tons more, and give an interesting glimpse into how others start their days. Reading these interviews has helped me to rethink how I spend my mornings.


Read about CEO and blogger Julien Smith’s morning routine in this interview from My Morning Routine.

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2. A Person You Should Know

While focusing more on content than design, A Person You Should Know introduces readers to one thought leader or influential person in each daily newsletter. The emails are quick to read with links to articles and videos that gives a deeper dive into the person featured.



Find out more about Mailchimp CEO Ben Chestnut in this recent newsletter from A Person You Should Know.

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3. The Daily Good

For those of us who need a break from the negativity that’s so present in the daily news, The Daily Good is like a breath of fresh air. Delivering only positive news stories and interesting new ideas, this weekly newsletter is an uplifting way to start the day.



Check out the Daily Good Newsletter’s website for a hefty dose of inspiration.

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4. CreativeMornings

While many of us in the BatesMeron office regularly attend the CreativeMornings events in Chicago to take in a healthy dose of morning inspiration on a number of creative topics, their weekly newsletter is equally as inspiring. Sign up and receive a snapshot of what’s going on in design and creative communities across the country, as well as a curated list of interesting thoughts from around the web provided in an easily digestible format.



Learn more about making community accessible in the latest edition of Creative Morning Weekly Highlights.

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5. Austin Kleon

Writer Austin Kleon delves into the depths of the internet every week to round up his top 10 most interesting stories, sharing them in his weekly newsletter. Austin shares a number of articles, books, podcasts art and more that inspire him, and it’ll likely inspire you too.



Read more about why something might take longer than you think in the latest newsletter from Austin Kleon.

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6. Sketchplanations



Sketchplanations sends out explanations of concepts (both complex and simple) in a weekly sketch sent to your inbox. Typically quick to read and understand, this newsletter will make you feel a little smarter every time you read it.

Learn about Dunbar’s Number 150 in this Sketchplanations newsletter.

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7. Now I Know

Curated by entrepreneur and author Dan Lewis, Now I Know provides a daily dose of interesting facts and tidbits on a whole spectrum of topics. You’ll find out things like why carrots used to be purple and how turkey got its name. This newsletter will leave you with a plethora of fun facts to share at your next dinner party or to take with you to trivia night.


Find out why bird poop is white in this newsletter from Now I Know.

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8. Barking Up the Wrong Tree



Barking Up the Wrong Tree delivers  “science-based answers and expert insight on how to be awesome at life.” From topics on relationships and parenting to money tips and breaking bad habits, this weekly newsletter provides a range of interesting thoughts for pondering.

Read about how to overcome perfectionism from this newsletter from Barking Up the Wrong Tree.

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While it might take some time to sort through what’s really important to you for your inbox (or the inboxes you’re making your way into), just realizing that there’s a whole world of inspiring newsletters available is a great place to start. Do you have any favorite newsletters you subscribe to that inspire you? Let us know in the comments!

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