5 Tips for Aspiring Designers…& Others Alike!

April 21, 2015 | by BatesMeron

A few weeks ago, BatesMeron was greeted by a special visitor—the Professional Association for Design (AIGA) student group from Truman State University. Having traveled all the way from my alma mater in Kirksville, Missouri, these Truman design majors came to Chicago to visit various creative firms around the city and learn more about working at an agency. Years ago, when I was Truman viscom student, I also ventured to Chicago on a similar trip. I remember feeling such a sense of awe from the companies we visited, wondering if I’d ever get a chance to live and design in Chicago at places like them. Now, having been on the other side of the experience as a host, it was a really great full-circle experience to return the inspiration to fellow designers.

While at BatesMeron, the group asked plenty of intelligent and thought-provoking questions. One student in particular asked if there was anything I wish I had known or am thankful to have known while transitioning from being a student to a professional. It was a tough question to answer on the spot, but after some thought, I wanted to provide more insight for the Truman AIGA group as well as other students facing graduation. And so, I’ve written five tips from personal experience for all you aspiring designers out there…and others alike:

Hopefully you find these tips helpful as you enter the transition from student to professional. And before I sign off, shout-out to the 2015 Truman AIGA group for visiting our team, we really enjoyed having you guys…and bonus points for your thank you card!

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