5 Reasons to Love This New Gatorade Spot

September 23, 2014 | by Nina Altadonna

Baseball lover or not, this new Gatorade spot is nearly perfect. If you haven’t seen the 90-second advertisement, appropriately titled “Made in New York,” watch it now. Then read this.

Shot in black and white and starring Yankee hero Derek Jeter, the commercial is a beautiful thank you and tip of the hat to his loyal fans…and baseball. So what makes this spot an instant classic? Let me break it down:

1. The epic and perfect use of music.

When asked if Jeter had a song in mind for the ad, he immediately responded “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. And boy, if ever there were a better use or placement for this timeless melody, it’s here. The candid camera shots with Sinatra’s smooth voice not only make this ad memorable, but iconic.

Editor’s note to previous comment: When it doubt, use a baby or puppy. When it need of music, use Sinatra.

2. The fact that Red Sox fans are showing some love and respect.

Red Sox Tweets

3. It’s got a humble, homegrown feeling that makes you feel warm inside.

“I’ll walk from here.” These words lead the audience down a heartwarming path filled with awestruck fans, New York locals and the friendly smirk of “the Captain.” It’s New York without the flash. No special effects or Hollywood magic. This is authentic New York, complete with back alleys, bars and lots of Big Apple pride.

4. None of the lines were scripted.

Although Gatorade hired everyone in the ad, almost everyone was kept in the dark about the subject matter of the spot, as well as who it was starring. This means that all the reactions and emotions are real. The kid wasn’t told to freak out when Jeter handed him a ball. And the woman wasn’t instructed to cry. Nope. Just real love for a real man.


5. The entire commercial was shot in a 5-hour period of time.

Jeter had a 9 am call time on the hot morning of July 23—and the Yankees had just played their longest home game of the season the night before. From Yankee Stadium to the sidewalks of New York, the entire shoot happened within a 5-hour period. Completed by 2 pm, Jeter was back to work that evening for a game against the Rangers. Bravo, Derek. Bravo.

Now go ahead. Please try and tell me you don’t love this commercial.

Gatorade - Jeter

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