4 Brands That Rule at Halloween Advertising

October 22, 2015 | by Taylor Wells

Every year around this time, we see the advertising world getting in on the fun of Halloween. It’s hard to blame them—Halloween is awesome, but some brands are better at taking advantage of the holiday’s appeal than others. This week, I’d like to take some time to celebrate the brands who’ve managed to avoid the awful Halloween puns, the costumed stock photography and any sincere usage of the word “spooky” and produce some pretty kick-ass advertising:

1. Guinness

Guinness, the quintessential dark brew, has utilized its fitting image to make some smart and gorgeous print ads. Some use subtle references to monster folklore, like this vampiric Guinness with no reflection:

vampire guinness

Others expertly use the product’s own black and mysterious looks to compliment the holiday’s aesthetic. Either way, these classy and simple ads are an awesome way to sell your beer as the signature beverage of Halloween.

pumpkin guinness

2. K-Mart

As it turns out, the Halloween costume business is pretty, well, good for business. A study from NRF stated that people spend more than $1.82 billion on their get-ups each year, so naturally a lot of companies are looking to get in on the action.

So how does a company let everyone know they’re the place to go for their costumes and still manage to cut through the clutter? Look no further than K-Mart, who decided that the best way to show off their collection of costumes would be to break a freaking world record with them in this refreshingly original viral ad:

3. Snickers

Candy is an integral part of Halloween, so it’s no surprise that a candy brand would know how and who to market their candy to in October. Snickers released a campaign a few years ago that was a perfect combination of hilarious and mild creepiness that targeted parents in the most genius way possible.

snickers1 snickers2 snickers3

4. Goodwill

Like K-Mart, non-profit Goodwill Industries found a unique way to get in on the Halloween costume craze. Their thrift shop-like clothing stores have long been the destination for Halloween-goers on a budget, and their subtle and playful reimagining of their logo shown below is the perfect ad to promote their costume chops while staying true to their brand.


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