12 Inevitable Truths of a Creative Agency

August 28, 2014 | by BatesMeron

Ever curious what life’s like at a creative agency? You probably imagine intense brainstorms, big pitches and computer screens filled with beautiful artwork. And yes, those are all true. But there is more.

Here are 12 truths that every agency-dwelling individual has thought or felt at least once…per day.

1. When co-workers ask you to hang out outside of work and you actually have a great time.

Best Friends

2. How you feel when you get a non-urgent “urgent” email.


3. The day you realized puppies were acceptable at work.



4. When you notice the office kitchen has been stocked with new snacks and delicious treats.


5. How you feel when people don’t do their jobs and are full of excuses.


6. When it’s 4:30 pm on Friday and the entire office is jamming out in anticipation of the weekend.


7. When your co-workers and you realize there is leftover food from a client meeting.


8. The way you feel when there are too many people trying to talk on a conference call.


9. When the new intern and/or freelancer needs no handholding and continues to impress the entire office.


10. When a file doesn’t get saved properly and you have to start over.


11. How you feel when you receive last-minute changes at the end of the day…on Friday.

bridesmaid - kidding me

12. When the client approves your work with no changes.





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